mercredi 15 avril 2015

[EN] IPSO FACTO: release date, cover art and tracklisting revealed

We are very proud to announce our 2nd studio effort IPSO FACTO which will be released on June 15th and distributed by Season of Mist.

The mix and mastering of the album was done by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio and the artwork created by Toxic Visions Design.


       1. Fragrances
       2. Femme De Verre
       3. De Guerre Lasse
       4. L'Animal-aimé
       5. Plus qu'Humain feat Florent Jannier (Arkan)
       6. Chronocide
       7. Mon Charme
       8. Rédemption
       9. Pour Un Écu
      10. Droit Dans Les Yeux
      11. Contretemps

IPSO FACTO sounds heavy, modern and without compromises! More than ever, the creation of this album was a group effort and we are very proud of the results!

The track stream premiere of De Guerre Lasse will happen on Wednesday, May 6 and the music video premiere of Rédemption on Monday, May 18.

We can't wait!

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